Noi ragazzi di Kalé abbiamo un debole per la bellezza, come si evince dallo stesso nome che abbiamo voluto dare al nostro lido, siamo sensibili al tema "ambiente" e soprattutto amiamo la nostra Terra più di ogni altra cosa al mondo


Kalé beach club

Contrada Guardiana, Portopalo


Receptionist: +39 391 490 0267


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Kalé beach club is located in Contrada Guardiana, in Portopalo di Capo Passero, in front of the island of Currents, where the currents of the two seas that bathe Sicily meet.


We, the youngsters from Kalè, have a weakness for beauty, as shown by the very name we chose for our beach club, we are sensitive to the "environment" theme, and above all, we love our land more than anything else in the world.


While many of our peers understandably take the path of the world and seek fortune elsewhere, we have decided to stay here. In our beloved Sicily. Because we believe that our luck was to be born in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Aware of the high naturalistic value of the Isola delle Correnti area, from the beginning, we have informed the technicians of our intention to create a structure entirely removable and composed of natural materials. We have sought to enhance the existing dunes by preserving the original aspect of a wild and uncontaminated environment.


With the same attention to sustainability, we will perhaps be the first beach in Sicily to have a wastewater treatment system called "phytodepuration with total evapotranspiration," which results in the complete reduction of the pathogenic load of the waters and the possibility of reusing purified water for irrigation purposes. An ecological solution, with reduced environmental impact, to the problem of pollution resulting from wastewater disposal.


To protect the environment, all beverages will be dispensed in biodegradable materials, and anyone leaving waste on the beach will be fined.


The facility has 90 umbrellas with African canes, 180 sunbeds, 4 canopies, and 4 family palms.

Each spot is equipped with a wooden safe with security for your personal belongings and courtesy kit.

Kalè is innovation in respect of tradition and the surrounding environment.

It will be a vacation full of comfort, pampered in the five senses and in the heart.

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